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Don't be a spectator.  Dive right in.  There are many opportunities to get involved and we need all the help we can get to make an impact in the lives of people in our community and beyond. 

Request for Marital / Premarital Counseling

Begin your marriage on a firm foundation with premarital Christian counseling and keep it strong with marital counseling.  Marriage is not easy, but please seek help before giving up on your marriage.  Please fill out the form below to schedule an appointment.

New Members Class Registration

Fresh Wind Ministries welcomes you as a new member of our congregation. The new member orientation class reviews the fundamentals of our Christian faith, our beliefs and the vision of our church. Welcome to the family!

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As a valued member of our church body, we want to know about the changes in your life.  Please help us serve you better by keeping your information updated.  Thank you. 

Facility Rental Inquiry

Thank you for considering Fresh Wind Ministries as a venue for your event. Please be advised: Fresh Wind Ministries is not a public accommodation business. We reserve the right to refuse rental of our place of worship without explanation.