Fresh Wind Ministries began on Resurrection Sunday April 2007.  Pastor Kelker followed the leading of the Lord by beginning the ministry with a Bible study that transitioned into the birth of the ministry.

Fresh Wind proceeded with a solid outreach program feeding God’s people with wholesome meals, warm clothing, toiletries and praying and uplifting the lost.

The developing leaders are endowed with not only natural knowledge but increased spiritual knowledge and authority.  Our children’s ministry has flourished throughout the years and continues to grow. Our teen and young adult ministry stand strong in development.  Various other ministries such as R12, GRD, Hospitality, Sanctuary Attendance, Greeters, Free and Clear that have been implemented within the ministry.

Fresh Wind will continue to be a presence in the community and will continue to hold a solid standard for the Kingdom of God. Fresh Wind continues to embrace and build the confidence of the people of God to assist in nurturing purpose and destiny for the workers of the vineyard.  God’s glory will continue to be revealed through Fresh Wind Ministries and through our faith partners and community.  NOTHING SHALL STOP THE GLORY!!!!!